Awww….and she smiles

Was stuck in traffic on a hot sultry day
The hot midday sunlight was streaming in through the window and burning my skin. The air around me was stuffy and the heat emanating from running engines were not helping the situation. I was trying my best not to get irritated. I turned up the volume of the music and tried concentrating on the book I was reading. My cab mates were all nodding off.
To my left on the footpath there were middle school kids lined up in twos. They were going on an excursion I suppose. A few kids were excited about it, a few were teasing each other and having some fun. I looked at all the shops in the background going about their usual business. I looked back at the school kids and caught this one girl staring at me. I smiled at her, she shyly smiles at me and tugs at the girl standing beside her. The other girl looks at me and smiles in a shy manner as well, by now I am laughing. The signal turned green and my cab started moving. I waved at the two little angels and they waved back grinning and then they started giggling.


Generally happy

All you lovely citizens of this world, words from the wise – no one can keep you happy but yourself. If someone is treating you badly kick them out of your life. Your care breeds their arrogance.
Everyday lost on grieving over something or someone is one day lost in which you could have filled with beautiful memories.
The key to happiness is in your own hands, unlock it! Not telling you to suppress your feelings and walk around pretending to be happy. Ask yourself, do you really have to spend days and nights crying and worrying over someone who is out there not giving a hair flick about you?? NO!!!
Go ahead and do the things you love. Go out for long walks, read books, paint, sing, cook, clean, travel and dance. If it makes you happy then just do it! Nothing is perfect and no one has it figured out.
You are a Prince/Princess, surround yourself with people who treat you like one. People who see the beauty in your smile. The care in your actions. The love in your care. People who in times of trouble are right by you holding your hand. People who willingly go the extra mile to see you smile.
Happiness breeds happiness.
Nurture it.
The year is coming to an end, put it in your lists to put yourself on top of the priority list. Don’t become selfish just love yourself along with all your imperfections.
Walk to the person who has always been there and tell them how beautiful they make your life. Their joy should keep you going for days

Parley, baby!! Parley!!

So one day you feel dangerously confident and alive so you decide to have a good conversation with the first lucky bastard who swings your way instead of the hardly noticeable smile you put on.
And that person somehow gets it in their sodden head that you are interested in them. While all you are doing is being at your cordial best. (Having a good smile at this juncture does not really help. Cause then they tell their friends that you flashed your biggest smile to them)
And then they start avoiding you from the next time they see you. And you are standing there giving yourself a mental smack on your head thinking, “You just had to pick HIM to socialise! Ass!”.
And that is how you degenerate from being the Social Ice Princess to the Social Creep.
And then they wonder why you walk around like the Grim Reaper is tailing you.

Trials of an introvert!!!

Cut the Drah-ma!

Just like how the best way to deal with attention seekers is to ignore them. The best way to deal with people who are too “busy” to talk to you is to ignore them. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
And the best way to deal with people who are using mind games and having a Battle-of-the-Upper-hand in having a conversation or a chat is to ignore them.

See what I did there! :p

If people start following these methods then soon all the people getting overdramatic over having a conversation will end up in such a state of seclusion that they will understand the privileges of a conversation with a nondramatic person.

Honestly!! You dramatic people are killing us with your drama!!!

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