If they don’t break you, they make you.


Regrets …

I shouldn’t have,

But I did

And now I know.

I stand wiser and stronger…

POW #8

Don’t glorify someone.
Don’t demonize someone.
Take someone for the human that they are.
Living, laughing, conniving, cunning, selfless, honest, manipulative breathing humans that they are.

Set the mind free

P.O.W #7

The difference between self-respect and pride lies in the way we treat the people around us.
Balance the head right on the shoulders and thou shalt not fall.

P.O.W #5

You cannot go through life hating on people just because they are in a better position than you are and then expect the best from life because of the “bad phase” you have survived through.

Life does not work that way!!

P.O.W #4

Second chances are to be given to the deserved. If you are moved to give a second chance to an undeserved person then be prepared to be mocked for having done it.

For in this world, some people say sorry for what they did and then go ahead and do exactly that.

Be aware of the undeserved.

P.O.W #3

In life, when you have to choose between a person who offers their loyalty forever and a person who is fun to be with, ALWAYS choose loyalty.


P.O.W #2

Life is a stiff upper lipped bureaucrat which just refuses to give you what you want no matter how deserving you may be. So when life shuts the door on you, don’t just stand there blinking and meekly waiting for it to open the window. Instead with all the strength you got in you kick the door open like they do in the movies and barge in. That should teach it for closing the door on your face.


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