I dreamt of you last night …

The train moved forward, silently cutting through time. Passing through landscapes basking in the sunlight, picturesque, befitting a painting done with a careless hand, blurred and blotched but with an eye for colors.

They sat in a gay embrace as shimmers of the golden light  fluttered around, wanting to touch and kiss them, hoping to be a part of the glory. Like moths to a flickering light, the light swarmed around them.

A sweet breeze blew around caressing their cheeks and binding them with an ancient tune that is now lost on our kind. Like the sweetness of bells ringing from atop a distant mountain, they cuddled, kissed, whispered and giggled.

The baby-faced cherub with the love arrow descended on them only to find his job done, done very well. He watched the paradisaical moment half in joy and half wondering if he should call Eris  to wreck chaos and then strike them with the love arrow. He could flutter away feeling accomplished. But the baby-faced cherub decided to let it slide. He decided to get back to his idyllic repose and reminisce of the times when love lasted for a human lifetime.

He turned around mid-air to look back at them one last time, suddenly a figure in front of the lovers caught his eye. Her hair was lashing about with the harsh wind blowing in from the window, but she stood still and stared vaguely at the couple seated in front of her. To quench his curiosity he flew down to her and gently touched her, she muttered

” Whenever we spoke, all I could feel was the fruitlessness, words being spilled in vain, lost in the vast sea between us. Until reality looked me in the eye and called me out for the delusional child I was, I sidestepped till I was pinned and left gasping.

Unwilling to  let go, unwilling to hold on, stood I.

Strive? For what ?

For the hollowness within?”

“But they are destined,” he said, “I think …” he drifted.


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