Tenderly …

She hugged her daughter tightly,
tenderly and tightly

not wanting to let go.

Desperately praying,

praying and hoping that they would change their mind. Though she knew it was not going to happen. She was just to bear their child. The deep pain within her quickly rose unchallenged and burst out in a short silent wail. Tears trickled down her cheeks and landed on her weeks old daughter’s soft head.

The mother grew frantic and nudged at her husband to get the baby. The husband took an uncertain step forward and stopped, not willing to separate them.

Her sister grasped her shoulders tightly while her mother took her daughter away from her and handed it over to the wife. Her daughter begin to cry as soon as the  wife’s cold hands touched her but quietened down once she was lulled.

The wife hugged her tightly and looked down at her innocent face unable to hide the joy. While the woman who gave birth to her lay there weeping.


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