The lady of the night

It is 4 a.m, she pulled her nearly naked body out of bed. She could hear light snores coming from him. She did not want to look at him. His unbuttoned shirt that she had on harldy kept her warm.The cold floor sent chills up her body as she stood up. She leaped onto a nearby heap of clothes which were on the floor. She hugged herself and looked around the room for her clothes. 

The curtains calmly flapped against the wall from the cold breeze which was entering the room. Curtains, a double cot and a cupboard were all the furniture this proud bachelor pad held in this choked metropolitan city. If curtains can be called as furniture. She let out a dry laugh looking at the pitiful state of the room and herself.

A cold man, a cold heart, a cold room and a girl facing the harsh realities. A lump started to form in her throat. She walked over to the corner of the room where her clothes were lying. By now tears were slowly trickling down her face. She dressed her self and slowly turned her gaze towards him. He was sleeping on his side with his back facing her. She walked over and sat down beside him and pulled him such that he was lying on his back. He groggily opened his eyes and closed them again. Fool!

 An unnatural smile crept on her face as she gingerly reached for the other pillow. She placed it on his face and pushed it down with all the force she could muster. He struggled, legs and hands kicking in the air, they always do. Once he went limp, she got up and picked up her pumps and walked out of the room with a tune on her lips and a glint in her eye.


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