Unwritten and long forgotten.

The sun was setting at the horizon, bathing everything in a beautiful orange hue. One could hear young boys playing football at a distance. The cool breeze carried their laughter over along with the delicious aroma of fried fish. This brought a gush of memories of her childhood. All of the early summer mornings spent at the ocean with Pammi. Tears started trickling down her cheeks. Memories of that ghastly day flooded her head. Like always she did not push away those memories instead she indulged in them. She felt she could not run away from them anymore. She looked down at the sunflower in her hand. Sunflowers were Pammi’s favourite, she loved how they followed the sun. Always facing the sun, just like Pammi, irrespective of how bad life was she used to always look on the bright side. She walked into the water, the cold water sent shivers up her body. Gave her goosebumps. She drew in a deep breath. She walked a little further. The water was up to her knees. The sand beneath her feet was slipping. She walked further, the water was till her waist. She let go of the sunflower along with all the memories. Part of the ocean just like Pammi was.
The frantic calls of her husband shook her out of her thoughts. For Narain, who had learnt how to swim in a pool, the ocean was a scary affair. He rushed towards her and beckoned her to get back to safety. She turned and cautiously started walking towards the shore, towards Narain. The sand beneath her feet was slipping, so easy to let go. The current had become stronger. Narain caught hold of her hand and they got back to the shore. She turned and looked at the ocean. It looked scary now. The sun had set. The current was strong. It looked angry. Anger calling to be quenched. She shivered, held onto Narain tightly. Vowing to never come back, she walked away hand in hand with Narain.
Early mornings at the ocean were a busy affair. But it seemed to be bustling today. A large crowd had circled around something that had washed up on the shore.


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