Rain-summoning outfit

2013-06-03 17.05.59

How do you convert a normal outfit into a rain-summonong outfit? Simple, wear a brand new outfit on a day it is most likely to rain. Get completely drenched in the rain, while constantly cribbing about how the dress is brand new. And ta da…the next time you wear the dress you can be sure to gather some dark clouds overhead. For all the lucky(unlucky??)beings like me, who happen to live in a place where the weather has a mind of its own, you don’t get to pick the rain-summoning outfit. The All-mighty weather blesses you with a rain-summoning outfit.  So every time you wear the outfit no matter how bright and sunny it is outside, be sure to have the heavens rumbling, the dark clouds above galloping towards you and letting down their fury for having summoned them. The weather in my area has a tendency to always pick the light coloured outfits as the rain-summoning outfits(my white pair of pants!!). It is such a nightmare to walk on the muddy, half flooded streets in white trousers!! It feels like you are a character in a video game, jumping from one dry patch of land to the other at the same time avoiding being splashed with muddy water by conceited car drivers(such snobs!!!) You can love the weather or hate it! But nuh-thing is gonna make it change its ways. Today another new outfit of mine got converted into a rain-summoning outfit. And, it is white!!!!!


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